March 5, 2014

By: irisheyes317

Mar 05 2014

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5100

No doubt St. Patrick’s Day is near because the Project365 prompt for today was “A Wee Bit of Green.”   My photo, while taken this past spring has always been a favorite of mine for that exact reason.  I LOVE the hints of green from the pine seedlings, rising from the decaying leaves around them, as they begin their journey to reach the sky.   The tender quality of the velvety needles seems so out of place with the splintered bark of the pine behind them and the rotting leaves below.  But as we all know, this is what helps this “wee bit of green” to claim it’s rightful place among the other giants of the forest….

I would have loved to have been outdoors today to enjoy the somewhat warmer temperatures and brief sunshine, but I am currently under attack by some medicine resistant respiratory germs that are bringing me to my knees.   My body is craving sleep, liquids, and a furnace operating at 72+ degrees.  Those that know me know I have to be really sick if the thermostat registers anywhere above 68 degrees.   Even the soup I had for lunch didn’t do the trick.  UGH…………   Well, here’s hoping for a miracle cure overnight so I can go out and photograph tomorrow, but I’m not making any plans….  Calling it an early night…  Catch you tomorrow………..


One comment on “March 5, 2014”

  1. I like the ending sentence of your 1st paragraph. It so captures the tiny pines. I do like this photo too. It brings a breath of fresh air to the otherwise quiet, sleepy forest!

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